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  Cylinder Block Boring and Milling Machine
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Presenting the Amc-Schou Cylinder Block Boring and Milling program. Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Amc-Schou can supply all your needs for fast and easy milling and cylinder block re-boring up to 350 mm/13.8 inch in diameter. All machines are equipped with a powerful 5-1/2 hp motor for infinitely variable spindle speed and feature 1 motor for infinity variation of boring feeds. Fast retraction of the spindle from the cylinder, greatly increased productivity. CM machines feature both re-boring and milling operations with infinitely variable control for table traverse, from 100-1200 mm/min/4-47 inch/min. All machines are equipped with cycle control – the spindle will automatically retract when boring is finished and by activating a single switch on the control panel, the table will move and position the block ready for centering the spindle in the next cylinder (CM machines only).

Amc-Schou CM-1200V Cylinder BLock Boring & Milling Machine (Stock # 827) Cylinder Boring Bars, Cylinder Honing Machines
The Benefits of Precision
• Tool Grinder: Tool Grinder Model TG-1 with its 150 mm/6” grinding and diamond lapping wheels secures that correct angles are ground on carbide tipped boring tools.
• Table Movement: The guide-ways are protected by telescopic guards. Stop dogs on the bed control movement of the table to the next cylinder for faster floor to floor time.
• Milling Operations: Featuring infinitely variable table traverse, are equipped with a 500 mm/19.7” milling head complete with 2 CBN cutters.
• Adjustable Rollover Fixture
• Control Panel: The machine is operated by means of an easy-to-use control panel which is mounted on a swivel arm, allowing the operator to stand in the best possible working position. The controls are located conveniently in sections for spindle rotation, boring slide movement and table movement.
• Insert Boring Tools: Hardened tool holders with high-speed inserts.
• Quick Acting Clamps: These clamps are indispensable when re-boring in-line blocks.
• Universal Boring Stand: With V-blocks, 60° and 90° inclinations.
• Boring range 1.25” - 13.75”
• Max. boring head travel 30.7”
• Distance spindle center to column 16.1”
• Max. distance boring slide to table 57.5”
• Spindle speed 50 - 1200 rpm
• Boring feed 0.8 - 59 inch/min
• Table surface 60” x 17.7”
• Table traverse lengthwise 53.1”
• Max. milling length 41.3”
• Table speed 3.9 - 47.2 inch/min
• Table movement crosswise 5.5”
• Max. work piece on machine 2200 lbs.
• Milling width 11.8”
• Optional milling width 15.7"
• Max. distance between outer cylinder centers 47.2”
• Spindle motor 5-1/2 hp
• Motor for boring feed 1 hp
• Motor for table feed 3/4 hp
• Work height required 118.5”
• Height of column 112”
• Total length of machine 93.4”
• Total width of machine 67.7”
• Working space required 145.7” x 67.7”
• Net. weight (approx.) 7,040 lbs.

Stock # 827