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  Valve Guide and Seat Machine
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Presenting the Amc-Schou Valve Guide and Seat Machine. The Amc-Schou Seat and Guide Machine Model CH-150 represents the optimum solution for the seat and guide work of today's more and more sophisticated cylinder heads. The CH-150 features advanced technology with three dimensional friction free air cushion positioning system, and the quality and design is combined to meet the demands of today as well as the future.


The Benefits of Precision
• Setting-up fixture allowing ±30Ί crosswise inclination. Air cushion movements with vacuum locking. Manufactured in ceramic-coated aluminum.
• Workhead with ±35Ί horizontal swing and 340 mm/13.4 inch motor driven elevation.
• Hardened 80 mm/3.1 inch spindle with 180 mm/7.1 inch movement. Air cushion design allows spindle inclination in all directions, as well as ±3 mm/0.12 inch horizontal spindle movements cross- and lengthwise. Bearing assembly with high precision preloaded angle bearings.
• Form tool arbor with ISO 30 taper. Clamping and release by means of a foot pedal. Solid 3-angled carbide form tools allow cutting of seat, top and bottom angles to finish quality in one operation.
• Depth control with dial indicator and stop.
• Quick clamping device. Easy to assembly in modules.
• Cutting diameter 0.79" - 3.54"
• Max. table movement length-wise (air cushion) 23.6"
• Max. table movement crosswise (air cushion) 9.8"
• Max. capacity lengthwise with use of head swing 35Ί 39.4"
• Max. spindle unit elevation 13.4"
• Max. main spindle movement 7.1"
• Max. horizontal swing of head unit ±35Ί
• Max. spindle inclination in all directions (air cushion) ±7Ί
• Horizontal spindle movement cross - and lengthwise ±0.12" (for final centering)
• Distance spindle nose to table 12.2" - 26.4"
• Distance spindle nose to setting-up fixture 9.8" - 23.6"
• Max. work piece height from lowest clamping height:
    • With shortest pilot 20.6"
    • With longest pilot 19.1"
• Max. inclination of setting-up fixture – standard equipment 30Ί
• Max. inclination of setting-up fixture – extra equipment 45Ί
• Spindle rotation infinitely variable 20-1200 rpm
• Constant spindle torque 11.06 ft-lbf
• Spindle diameter 3.1"
• Spindle taper 30 ISO
• Electric motor for spindle rotation 2 hp
• Electric motor for spindle elevation 1/3 hp
• Vacuum pump 1/5 hp
• Height of machine 86.6"
• Total length of machine 59.1"
• Total width of machine 41.3"
• Working space required 59.1" x 41.3"
• Net. weight (approx.) 2,310 lbs.

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