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Connecting Rod Equipment, Honing Machines

Sunnen TN-111 Rod Aligner
$495.00 US Dollars
Stock # 44
Sunnen TN-111 Connecting Rod Aligner (Stock # 44) Honing Machines, Connecting Rod Equipment
Checking Rods with Sunnen Rod Aligner
Checks for bends, twist and offset in less than a minute.
Checks rods with or with out pistons-with or without caps.
Compensated for ring lands, cam-ground & tapered pistons.
Check is made against a precision-ground surface, on a stress-relived casting.
Self-aligning yoke clamps rods securely and square, including miter cut for forgings.
Handles rods-from 1¾" diameter passenger car, 3" diameter truck, bus and tractor rods-up to 16½".
Weight 45 lbs.