AMC-Schou CM-2500V Cylinder Block Boring & Milling Machine

Presenting the Amc-Schou Cylinder Block Boring and Milling program. Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Amc-Schou can supply all your needs for fast and easy milling and cylinder block re-boring up to 350 mm/13.8 inch in diameter. All machines are equipped with a powerful 5-1/2 hp motor for infinitely variable spindle speed and feature 1 motor for infinity variation of boring feeds. Fast retraction of the spindle from the cylinder, greatly increased productivity. CM machines feature both
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• Tool Grinder: Tool Grinder Model TG-1 with its 150 mm/6” grinding and diamond lapping wheels secures that correct angles are ground on carbide tipped boring tools.

• Table Movement: The guide-ways are protected by telescopic guards. Stop dogs on the bed control movement of the table to the next cylinder for faster floor to floor time.

• Milling Operations: Featuring infinitely variable table traverse, are equipped with a 500 mm/19.7” milling head complete with 2 CBN cutters.

• Control Panel: The machine is operated by means of an easy-to-use control panel which is mounted on a swivel arm, allowing the operator to stand in the best possible working position. The controls are located conveniently in sections for spindle rotation, boring slide movement and table movement.

• Insert Boring Tools: Hardened tool holders with high-speed inserts.

• Quick Acting Clamps: These clamps are indispensable when re-boring in-line blocks.

• Universal Boring Stand: With V-blocks, 60° and 90° inclinations.

• Adjustable Rollover Fixture


• Boring range 1.25” - 13.75”
• Max. boring head travel 30.7”
• Distance spindle center to column 20.1”
• Max. distance boring slide to table 57.5”
• Spindle speed 50 - 1200 rpm
• Boring feed 0.8 - 59 inch/min
• Table surface 100” x 23.6”
• Table traverse lengthwise 105.3”
• Max. milling length 89.6”
• Table speed 3.9 - 47.2 inch/min
• Table movement crosswise 5.5”
• Max. work piece on machine 5500 lb.
• Milling width 15.7”
• Optional milling width 19.7"
• Max. distance between outer cylinder centers 98.4”


• Spindle motor 5-1/2 hp
• Motor for boring feed 1 hp
• Motor for table feed 3/4 hp


• Work height required 126”
• Height of column 114.4”
• Total length of machine 141.7”
• Total width of machine 74.8”
• Working space required 236.2” x 74.8”
• Net. weight (approx.) 12760 lb.



AMC-SCHOU delivers a wide selection of extra equipment for the C/CM-Machines.These expansions make the everyday use of the machine faster and thereby more profitable.

Boring Spindle 1-4
AMC-SCHOU supplies a full range of spindles. Above are spindles covering the range from 48-260 mm (1.89"-10.24")
No. 1: 48-72 mm (1.89"-2.83")
No. 2: 62-100 mm (2.44"-3.94")
No. 3: 92-200 mm (3.62"-7.87")
No. 4: 145-260 mm (5.71"-10.24")

Boring Heads
Extra boring heads are supplied with some spindles. The 140 mm. boring head is standard with the spindle No.3. The larger 190 mm. boring head comes with spindle No.4 and No.7 as standard equipment. Furthermore are boring heads size 260 mm. and 300 mm. available for spindel No.4 and No.7.

Boring Spindle No. 5
The smallest spindle from AMC-SCHOU with a range from 32-50 mm (1.26"-1.97")

Morse Taper
The morse taper No. 3 can be used for drilling operations as shown here.

Insert Boring Tools
AMC-SCHOU supplies hardened tool holders with high-speed inserts. Triangular inserts (3 cutting tips per insert) are standard. Special inserts are available from all the major insert suppliers; standard size inserts fit AMC-SCHOU tool holders.

Storage and Loading Fixture for Spindles
The AMC-SCHOU storage fixture doubles as a loading arm. When loading a heavy milling head, the spindle will be perpendicular to the mounting surface of the boring slide, allowing trouble free mounting always.

Tool Grinder
The TG-1 tool grinder with its 150 mm (5.91") grinding and diamond lapping wheels ensures that correct angles are ground on carbide tipped boring tools. Can also be used to grind boring tools for line boring machines as well as con-rod boring and grinding machines.

Quick Acting Clamps
These clamps are indispensable when reboring in-line blocks.

Universal Boring Stand
With V-blocks, 60° and 90° inclinations can be achieved with this stand.
Can be used for reboring or milling operations.

Adjustable Angle Fixture
All angles between 60° and 90° can be achieved using the adjustable angle fixture.
Can be used for reboring and milling operations.

Adjustable Roll-Over Fixture
Reboring and milling of small to medium size blocks using this equipment will reduce setting-up time and increase productivity