AMC-Schou CP-2700 Crankshaft Straightening Press

CP-2700 Crankshaft Straightening Press
Presenting the Amc-Schou Crankshaft Straightening Press program. The Amc-Schou Straightening Presses offers a simple solution to a common problem. Easy operation – distorted journals are easy to locate and correct. Strong hydraulic pump – 2-speed including manometer. Ground bedway for precision alignment. Self retracting hydraulic ram.
Stock #832New Machine; Call for Pricing


• Max. length of crankshafts 107.8"
• Max. journal diameter 5.91"
• Height from length of V-block to bed 8.07"
• Height table to top of guard 31.1"
• Max. press 44,000 lbs.


• Height of machine 53.1"
• Total length of machine 119.7"
• Total width of machine 25"
• Machne. weight (approx.) 836 lbs.