AMC-Schou H-260A Cylinder Honing Machine

H-260A Cylinder Honing Machine
Presenting the Amc-Schou Cylinder Honing program. Backed by over 50 years of experience, Amc-Schou can fulfill your needs for fast and accurate honing of cylinders. Both machines feature hydraulic movement which helps achieve the perfect cross-hatch, a long stroke for industrial honing, and the well-known Amc-Schou sturdy design, which is your guarantee for a long machine life.
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• Band Filter for Honing Fluid: An efficient filtering of the honing fluid assures the best honing result and multiplies the use of the honing stones. The filter tank contains 70 l/18.2 gal. of fluid. 

• Additional Features for Type A: Switch for manual/automatic mode. Adjustment of stone pressure. Engage/disengage of friction feed for stone pressure. Handwheel for manual expansion and contracting of honing stones. 

• Accessories Honing Tools: Adaptors. Honing shafts types for model A. Honing heads: 25-38 mm/0.98-1.47 inch.; 38-56 mm/1.47-2.20 inch.; 51-68 mm/2.20-2.68 inch.; 68-260 mm/2.68-10.24 inch. Honing stones: Stone carriers, supports for stone carrier and plug-in stones. 

• The Perfect Cross Hatch: The correct cross hatch angle is one of the most vital factors for the performance and lifetime of the reconditioned engine. The engine manufactures prescribe angles within 250 - 600. Quick and precise set-up. 

• Features for Type A/M: Start of hydraulic system. Emergency stop. Start of spindle rotation. Start of stroke movement. On-off honing fluid. Start rotation, up-down movements and honing fluids. Intermittent up or down movements. Stop rotation, up-down movements and honing fluids. Light diodes showing direction of updown movements. %-loadmeter for control of taper. Counter for presetting of the number of strokes. (time honing)


• Max honing diameter 10.2" 
• Min. honing diameter 0.98"
• Max. honing stroke 20"
• Min. honing stroke 1.97"
• Max. distance table to honing spindle nose 37.4"
• Max. distance from spindle centre to column 16.9"
• Max. cross movement of honing box 5.1"
• Table surface 57" x 17.7"
• Max. table traverse 59"
• Infinitely variable spindle rotation 32-315 rpm
• Infinitely variable reciprocating spindle speed 16.4-65.6 ft/min
• Max. spindle torque 60.9 ft-lbf
• Max. hydraulic pressure 1740 psi


• Hydraulic pump electric motor 10 hp
• Coolant pump 1/4 hp


• Height of machine 90.6"
• Total length of machine 95.3"
• Total width of machine 55.1"
• Working space required 120" x 55.1"
• Macine weight (approx.) 3146 lbs.