Soda Blaster

Soda Blaster
Little Blaster LB4824-6M2DC with 600 Reclaim and 700 M2DC
Stock #1700New Machine; $8,339

The LITTLE-BLASTER equipment was designed for the hobbyist or very light production use. The LITTLE-BLASTER is constructed from heavy gauge metal, which is continuously welded. Also incorporated into the line are several products from the BLAST-IT-ALL® production blasting equipment, proven reliability such as the blast gun. The LITTLE-BLASTER is also designed for a small company to start blasting with only a dust collector; then, without a lot of expense enables that user to convert to a reclamation system with the LITTLE-BLASTER Reclaimer Kit.

While, the LITTLE-BLASTER is limited to specifically smaller sizes than production type equipment, but it is considered the highest caliber blaster manufactured today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Part# 011954 -55 gallon drum drop out lid that is placed between the Reclaim and dust collector. With this set-up, SODA will be recovered in the reclaim and recycled as much as possible as long as the customer blast at 40-50 psi. This is the type system we've sold at PRI every year. I would also suggest increase the frequency that the dust collector pulses to clean the cartridges to keep the system operating at peak.





Dust Collector: 100 CFM cartridge type collector for better dust control providing cleaner working chamber.

Light Box: Two (2) tube 24: fluorescent light, for best possible lighting in blast chamber, On-Off control switch for light and cartridge dust collector.

Viewing Window: Large 12″X20″ tempered glass provides long life and minimizes static build up of dust.

Door Latch: Heavy-duty cam type, adjustable for positive door seal.

Glove Arm Hole: Heavy duty cloth lined vinyl snap-in gloves are quick changing.

Air Flow Regulator and Gauge: Allows adjustable air pressure to gun for proper media flow to provide finish desired.

Clean out door: Easy access to filter screen, trapping heavy particles form abrasives. Allows recovery of small parts that may fall from blast chamber.

Safety Foot Control: Prevents accidental blast operation.

Doors: Large double walled doors (both sides) for opening size see figure “C”. Knife sealing edge assures positive seal in blast chamber.

Shaker Handle: Handle for shaking dust from cartridge

Cartridge: 8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ cartridge with 175 2″ pleats

Dust Sump: Allows dust to flow directly into waste container.

Media Hose: 1/2″ media hose, from media valve to bottom fitting on blast gun.

Media Valve: Universal Feed allowing all types of abrasives to be used. 2″ plug outlet for easy clean-out.

Motor: 120 volt, 15 amp switch control.

Compressed Air Inlet: 1/2″ coupler for easy installation of optional moisture trap.

Machine Construction: Heavy 14 gauge welded steel construction. Two coats of industrial quality paint.

Packing: Machine secured on wood pallet, dust collector packed inside blast chamber for shipping.


Machine Options

Blow-Off nozzle Kit
Air-Line Moisture Trap
20″ Set-In Turntable
2 Gallon Tumble Basket
300 CFM Reclaim Kit


Suction Gun Air Requirements
40 PSI
60 PSI
80 PSI
1/4″ Nozzle – 1/8″ Air Jet
12 CFM
17 CFM
21 CFM
5/16″ Nozzle – 5/32″ Air Jet
19 CFM
27 CFM
34 CFM
3/8″ Nozzle – 3/16″ Air Jet
27 CFM
37 CFM
47 CFM