Comec AC170 Cylinder Boring Machine

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The AC170 boring machine has been manufactured to recondition cylinder blocks of motor cars and trucks with a diameter of 30÷170 mm. The excellent qualities of finishing and precision are ensured by the combination of a tested mechanic structure with new innovative technical solutions, which enhance the performance and versatility of the machine.
All machine parts supplied with the standard equipment, such as the fast cylinder centering device with scanning level on the boring bar and the centesimal dial indicator, the clear and straightforward control panel, as well as the depth of boring control dial gauge, can ease and speed up the work. Moreover, the adjustable boring bar's rotation speed provide for the best finishing.



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Standard equipment

  • Adjustable spindle speed with digital indicator
  • Adjustable boring bar feed
  • Adjustable table feed (only model ACF)
  • Tool setting dial indicator with magnetic base
  • Depth of boring device with dial indicator
  • Precision centering device with dial gauge
  • Adjustable control stop
  • PV0160 Pair of parallel supports
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual



Boring range: 30÷170 mm

Max Vertical travel of the head: 670 mm

Max distance from head to table: 940 mm

Distance from spindle center to column: 290 mm

Spindle rotation speed (adjustable): 75÷700 rpm

Spindle feed: 0÷175 mm/min.

Table surface: 1040x370 mm

Max longitudinal table travel: 1000 mm

Max transverse table travel: 200 mm

Spindle motor power: 1.5 kW

Rapid head feed motor power: 0.37 kW

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1030x1020x2000 mm

Net weight: 1150 Kg

Gross weight: 1330 Kg


Accessories and spare parts

PV1516 60° - 90° V-block blueprinting mounting fixture

PV0025 Pair of fast clamping column 

PV0007 Pair of parallel supports  H=49mm

PV0160 Pair of parallel supports

Comec B03560 boring spindle

Ø 35÷60 mm L = 330 mm boring kit with dial gauge adjustment

Comec B06085 boring spindle

Ø 60÷85 mm L = 320 mm boring kit with dial gauge adjustment

Comec C03560 boring spindle

Ø 35÷60 mm L = 330 mm boring kit with pre-setting system

Comec C06085 boring spindle

Ø 60÷85 mm L = 320 mm boring kit with pre-setting system

Comec C85170 boring spindle

Ø 85÷170 mm L= 360 mm boring kit with pre-setting system

Comec B85170 boring spindle

Ø 85÷170 mm L = 360 mm boring kit dial gauge adjustment

V-block adjustable universal fixture