Comec RP330.M Cylinder Head Resurfacing Machine

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The RP1300 is a resurfacing machine designed for cylinder heads and blocks of cars and trucks but also for all those flat surfaces that require an extremely precised side contact.

This model combines tested solutions, such as  the flat and V-shaped lubricated slides on the base (which guarantee an excellent run fluidity), with other more innovative features, like the table feed through a recirculating-ball screw with a wide range of regulation or an inverter for the spindle speed regulation.  Moreover, RP1300 has an efficient cooling system consisting in a tank on wheels and a grinding wheel dresser. For a convenient and safe use of the machine, all control commands are located on a swing arm control panel adaptable to every operator;

The standard version includes, a segmented grinding wheel for cast iron or aluminium and pre-chamber cylinder head resurfacing and brazed tool for aluminium machining. 
Available as optional a CBN-PCD toolholder plate for the reconditioning at high speed of cast iron and aliminium heads

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Images may show the product equipped with optional accessories




Standard equipment

  • Base cabinet
  • Cooling plant complete of pump and settling tank
  • Segmented grinding wheel complete of grinding segments for cast iron
  • Splash and safety guard
  • Grinding wheel dresser
  • Wheel dressing diamond
  • Head resurfacing tool
  • Pair of parallel supports
  • Locking clamps
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual


Table surface 670x270 mm
Maximum distance table to grinding wheel 390 mm
Grinding wheel vertical travel 210 mm
Diameter of grinding 330 mm
Spindle speed 1400 rpm
Feed speed (on both directions) 145 mm/min
Wheel head motor power 2.2 Kw
Feed motor power 0.15 Hp
Coolant pump motor Mod 0.15 Hp
Dimensions (LxLxH) 1220x1080x1670 mm
Weight 445 kg


Power Requirements: 220 Volt/ 1 Phase/ Full Load AMPS: 10A

Shipping information: 55.1" x 47.6" x 66.9"

Shipping weight: 1,060 lbs.


Accessories and spare parts

Comec machines PVA015

Adjustable universal fixture wit parallels

Comec machines - UT0017

Insert tool holder with UT0014

Comec machines - UT0014

Replacement insert for UT0017 (10 pcs)

Comec machines - RP0099

Grinding segments for cast iron

Comec machines - RPA099

Grinding segments for steel

Comec machines - RPB099

Grinding segments for aluminium

Comec machines - VMV330

Variable head spindle speed 700 ÷ 1400 rpm

Comec machines - VTV330

Variable head feed

Comec machines - DIM330

Automatic inversion of head feed

Comec machines - UT0003

Head resurfacing tool

Comec machines - MT0013

Wheel dressing diamond

Comec machines - UT0100

Wrench for UT0017

Comec machines - UT0150

Screw for insert for UT0017


 RP330 Brochure