Comec RP850 Cylinder Head Resurfacing Machine

Stock #1240New Machine; Call for Pricing

The experience in resurfacing cast iron and aluminium at high speed, by using special tools like the CBN or the PCD, has offered us the opportunity to develop and manufacture this resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and motor-cylinder blocks. Features like a wide work capacity (43.89" /1,115 mm table travel) despite its modest dimensions, the adjustable head and table speeds with the use of frequency inverters, and the extremely competitive price make it the perfect choice for small garages and big engine rebuilding workshop.

Standard equipment

  • Variable spindle speed complete with digital read-out
  • Adjustable table feed
  • Manual/continuous working cycle programmes
  • CBN/PCD milling plate dia. (13”) / 330mm
  • Toolhoder UT1350 and CBN insert UT1355
  • Base-integrated control panel
  • Safety guard with policarbonate shield
  • PV0006 Pair of parallel supports
  • PV0021 Large clamps
  • PV0022 Small clamps
  • Lubricant for slides
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual


Table travel 39.96" / 1,015 mm  
Max workpiece length 33.5" / 850 mm
Max workpiece width 13" / 330 mm
Max workpiece height 13.8" / 360 mm
Min workpiece height 6.3" /160 mm
Milling wheel diameter 13" / 330 mm
Variable head speed rotation 300 ÷ 1200 rpm
Variable table travel speed 0 ÷ 600 mm/min
Head motor 2 hp / 1.5 Kw
Table motor 1 hp / 0.75 Kw
Dimensions (LxWxH) 56" x 40" x 65" /1550 x 870 x 1720 mm
Weight 1,309 lbs. / 591 Kg


Accessories and spare parts

PVA015  Adjustable universal fixture with parallels

Comec - PV0015 Adjustable universal fixture with mounting plate

PV0015  Adjustable universal fixture with mounting plate

CBN insert Comec

UT1355  1/2” CBN Insert for cast iron

UT1356  1/2” PCD Insert for aluminium

UT1390  ALP insert tool holder for UT1392

UT1392  ALP insert for aluminum with prechambers

TST010  Downfeed depth assembly with indicator

UT1330  1/2" Insert tool holder for UT1355 (CBN),  UT1356 (PCD)


  RP850 Brochure