Comec RSM240 Rim Straightening Machine and Lathe

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RSM 240 is designed and manufactured to repair by straightening all kind of steel, aluminium and alloy wheels with range diameter between 12" and 24".
The system uses an easy to handle hydraulic cylinder actuated by an hydraulic unit that, conveniently positioned, pushes on the damaged part of the rim taking it back to the original shape. Such operation is made easier with the aid of a wide set of shaped punches that perfectly lean to the different rim profiles. Furthermore the hydraulic cylinder is provided by a pressure regulation system with manometer (PRP100) which allows the adjustment of push force in accordance to the material on work.

RSM 240 moreover is equipped with a lathe unit that allows, after the wheel straightening operation, to remove dents on the edges.
Useful accessories among which the adjustable spindle speed with digital readout (VRV050) or the dial gauge for alignment (CPR150) are available according to every kind of need.

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Standard equipment

  • Wheel centering rings
  • Gauge
  • Angular tip
  • Flat tip
  • Square tip
  • Chisel tip
  • Extendedtipholders
  • Rim cutting tool
  • Wrenchset
  • Instruction manual



Application range:   13" - 24"

Max working pressure:   140 bar

Max punch force:   3950 Kg

Spindle rotation speed:   80 rpm

Hydraulic unit motor:   0,75 kW

Lathe unit motoreducer:   0,75 kW

Dimensions (LxWxH):   1100x860x1250 mm

Weight:   350 Kg


Accessories and spare parts

Rim insert tool holder

Precision dial gauge

Comec Motorcycle rims mounting kit

Motorcycle rims mounting kit


Replacement insert for UT0011, UT5008 and UT5009 (10 pcs.)

Vibration dampener band

Comec Centering rings

Centering rings on demand

Set of M12x90 mm T-Bolt screw

Comec Set of conical nuts for Ford rims

Set of conical nuts for Ford rims