Comec VPT190 Pressure Tester for Cylinder Heads and Blocks

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The VPT190 is a tester tank allowing to easily and precisely detect any failure and wear on cylinder heads and blocks through their immersion in hot water.
The tank, complete with its cover, is manufactured in stainless steel and perfectly insulated to avoid heat dispersion. It is filled with water that is heated by two powerful independent heating elements controlled by an automatic timer, which includes heating programmes to reduce electric consumptions. This brand new model enables the operator to work heads of up to 1350mm of width.

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Standard equipment

  • Flat cylinder head support parallels
  • Adjustable support parallels for wedge-shaped cylinder heads
  • Fixing crossbeams of Plexiglas plate with plates
  • L=380 mm fixing tension rod with nuts and washers
  • 500x250x30 mm Plexiglas plate
  • 800x250x30 mm Plexiglas plate
  • 500x500x8 mm Rubber sheet
  • 500x500x3 mm Rubber sheet
  • Side-locking plate with quick-release coupling
  • Standard equipment instruction manual



Maximum cylinder head capacity:  1350x460x410 mm

Tank capacity:  710 l

Maximum cradle travel:  550 mm

Heating elements:  2 x 4,5 kW

Adjustable work temperature:  30 - 90° C

Cradle rotation speed:  4 rpm

Cradle up-down speed:  60 mm/sec

Hydraulic station motor:  0,75 kW

Cradle gearmotor:  0,25 kW

Dimensions (LxWxH):  1950x1100x1750 mm

Weight:  610 Kg

Power Requirements: 220 Volt/ 3 Phase/ Full Load AMPS: 45,5A

Shipping information: 85.8" x 49.6" x 55.1"

Shipping weight: 1,410 lbs.