Steelabrator 275 Airless Shot Blaster

275 Airless Shot Blaster
Stock #1255New Machine; Call for Pricing

We have designed and engineered this machine to provide you a hard working, dependable and long lasting product. Our skilled craftsman use state of-the-art technology. processes. manufacturing equipment and the finest quality material and components. This machine is made in USA.

  • Cabinet:                                               67″W, 62″D, 62″H
  • Impeller Motors:                               5HP, 220V-60Hz, Three Phase
  • Basket Dimension Interior:
  • Head & Block Basket:                      49″ L, 38.5″D—-(Optional)
  • Large Parts Basket:                          48.5″L, 33″D—-(Optional)
  • Four Tier Basket:                                Fixed Brackets at 47″L, 13″D—-(Optional)
  • Small Parts Basket:                           Removable at 47″L, 13″D—-(Optional)
  • Dust Collector:                                    26″W, 24″D,57″H
  • Dust Collector Motor:                        3HP, 220V-60Hz, Single PH