Magnaflux DRA 60

Magnaflux DRA 60
Stock #1313Used Machine; $12,500


Handles parts up to 60" long.

Comes with a 12" coil.

Magnetizing and demagnatizing coil.

Air operated headstock.

Crank operated tailstock.

Y-shaper tank holds inspection medium. Magnetic particles are kept in a proper solution by pump and agitation tube. Pump also supplies bath to hand nozzle.

Low-voltage, high-ampereage power pack.

Five point power pack current control.

Contact panel with three eitherend cable connectors.

Magnetizing-demagnetizing control station.

Inspection hood folds up or down.


Head opening: 60"

Current output: 2200 amps, 7000 A.T.

Tank capacity (g): 10

Floor space: 80" x 32"

Net weight: 1,025 lbs.

Shipping weight: 1,325 lbs.