Sunnen AG-300 Precision Gage, Serial# 8247

Sunnen AG-300 Precision Gage, Serial# 8247
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Sunnen AG-300 Precision Gage

- Dial reads directly in "tenths" (.0001")

- Checks Rod journal bore for distortion.

- Assures correct size-within .0001"

- Anyone can use it. No "feel" required.

- Measures size instantly.

- Wear-compensated gage points assure permanent accuracy.

- Assures exact fits required by today's high tech engines.

- Exact pin size is transferred to the AG-300 gage with a wear-compensated setting fixture.

- Rugged construction. All moving parts are enclosed in housing. Never affected by vibration or shock.

- Range: .720"- 2.687" (9.5-19mm). includes setting fixture, calibrator rings, large extension point set, accessory case, mounting bracket and instructions.

- Shipping Weight: 25 lbs (11.4 kg)

-Serial# 8247