Sunnen MBC-1803 Honing Machine

Stock #1803Used Machine; $8,500


Power Stroking: Standard (can be manually stroked also.)

Automatic cycle start: Standard

I.D. Range: For Power Stroking .060" (1.5mm) to 3.75" (95mm).

                     For Manual Stroking .060" (1.5mm) to 6.5" (165mm).

Length Range: Open end bores up to 10" (254mm) length can be automatically sized.

                             Open or blind bores up to 16" (406mm) can be power stroked or manually stroked.

Spindle speeds: 200,250,320,400,500,640,800,1000,1270,1600,2000,2500 rpm.

Stroking Rates: 80,110,160,220,310 strokes per minute

Setup Time: 10 to 20 minutes

Spindle Motor: 1-horsepower

Self energizing band-type.

Stroker Motor: 1/2-horsepower

Stroker Brake: Electronically operated.

Honing Oil Pump: 1/2-horsepower, separately driven.

Honing Oil Capacity: 25 gallons (95 liters).

Filter system: Self-contained.

PF-105-4 Filter Elements: Carton of four included.

Compressed Air: .15 cubic feet per minute @ 80 P.S.I. required

KKN-750 Universal Workholding Fixture: Standard

Work Trays: Standard

MAN-700 Diamond Dresser: Standard

Color: Vista Green

Floor Space: 49"(1250mm) Wide

                         72"(1830mm) Deep

                         67"(1700mm) High

Weight: 1160 pounds (530 Kilogrrams).

Electrical System: 230/460-volt, 3-phase, 60-Hz.